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27th-Feb-2010 06:13 pm - Fic: Ghosts
Karen O: Smile
I really like this ficlet I wrote a long while back, but it was originally posted friend-only and I just thought I'd share to the public and post it here.

Ghosts (Originally untitled)
Jamia Iero & Frank Iero ( | PG | 962 Words | MCR
Unbeta'd. Wrote this for a meme where I had to write drabbles based off of icons. I got carried away here. The icon was the one currently up.

GhostsCollapse )
8th-Aug-2009 09:55 am - Fic: Here, Have A Cake
Karen O: Smile
Here, Have A Cake (or In Which Chris and Jonny Are Complete Dorks)
PG-13 | Jonny Buckland/Chris Martin | 2, 047
Beta'd by justhush

Here, Have A CakeCollapse )
17th-Nov-2008 02:38 am - Fic: Green Means Go
Karen O: Smile
Green Means Go (Or The Powerpuff Girl!MCR AU Where Nothing Makes Sense)
PG-13 | 3, 212 | Gen
Warnings: corruption of childhood cartoons, giants lizards, crack, un-beta'd

galaxyaway (6:37:27 PM): LOL. MCR AS THE POWERPUFF GIRLS.
crystic (6:37:58 PM): OMG
crystic (6:38:04 PM): BRB LOLING FOREVER.

(also: thank you maryangel200)

Green Means GoCollapse )
1st-Oct-2008 06:33 pm - Fic: All Greek to Me
Frank Iero
All Greek to Me
Bob Bryar/Frank Iero | PG-13 | 3, 609 words
Beta'd by crystic

All Greek to MeCollapse )
29th-Jul-2008 08:26 pm - Fic: No. 2: Full Circle
Karen O: Smile
No. 2: Full Circle
Gerard Way/Bert McCracken | PG-13 | 1, 100 words

Beta'd by x_stoked_x

(I've been wanting to write in this universe forever and this gave me a perfect excuse go ahead with it. I ended up getting carried away and past the word limit, but that's okay.
To avoid any confusion, "No. 2" does not mean there's a number one or a number three. I want to go deeper into this universe, I really do, but I already have so much on my plate. So while there might be a No. 1 or No. 5 or No. 10 later on, it probably won't be any time soon.)

No. 2: Full CircleCollapse )
25th-Feb-2008 08:08 pm - Fic: LoveJoy
Karen O: Smile
LoveJoy | 2, 299 words
PG-13 (strong language) | Bert McCracken/Gerard Way | AU
Written to abstract_silver for bert_and_gerard's secret slashy sweetheart. Written under catbrains, beta'd by periculosa.

LoveJoyCollapse )
10th-Feb-2008 06:35 pm - Original Fiction Prompts
Karen O: Smile
Wolfman | Original Characters | Completed | 280 words
Children | Original Characters | Completed | 199 words
Buildings | Original Characters | Completed | 1, 042 words
Dystopia | Original Characters | In Progress | -
Boxing | Original Characters | - | -
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